AFR interactive artist Les Hewitt, my frequent partner-in-crime, and I have done some work with our award-winning investigative journalist Neil Chenoweth on a series of stories about profit shifting by multinational corporations.

The interactives in the stories are designed to complement Neil’s forensic examination of each firm’s accounts. A lot of time it involves taking a very complex set of accounting structures and telling the story as visually as possible to get the essence of what is going one without going into the detail.

Tax stories

The Australian Financial Review’s Polling Explorer was designed to help make sense of the data deluge that accompanies every federal budget. The interactive features five modules tackling a different major element of the budget. It was produced with the fine data visualisation experts from Small Multiples.

Poll of polls two-party preferred polling The Australian Financial Review Edmund Tadros

Poll of Polls
This interactive graphic combines nine sources of election information into one visualisation. The design only uses the Labor two-party preferred polling data and presents this vertically. A simple weighted average of the polls is used to produce a weekly average. On the right-hand side the average poll result is converted into a probability and below this is an averaged betting market probability. The idea is that readers can get a quick update on the state of the polls and how they compare with the betting market assessment. They can then dive into the information by selected one or more poll to track and seeing how it changes over time.
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I now cover accounting and consulting for The Australian Financial Review.

The goal of the page, out every Wednesday, is to cover the major professional services firms, the disruptors in the industry and the independents.
Topics will include how the firms operate, what it is like to work at the firms, the key players in the industry, the services the firms sell, what clients think and how clients use these firms.

An addition to that brief is the way companies report their financial performance to the markets using statutory and non-statutory measures.
I welcome feedback on the scope of companies, individuals and topics covered by the page.
Please email me directly with your thoughts or fill in this simple five-question feedback form.