Qantas loses fight with Falun Gong flight attendant

Qantas loses fight with Falun Gong flight attendant

QANTAS has been ordered to reinstate a flight attendant banned from international duties over her practise of Falun Gong.

Sheridan Genrich, from Sydney’s Lane Cove, was demoted to a short-haul attendant after she was threatened by authorities during a 2008 stopover in Beijing and deported because of her spiritual beliefs

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September 01, 2010: Qantas ‘demoted me for being Falun Gong’

A QANTAS employee says she lost her job as an international flight attendant after being deported from China for practising Falun Gong.

Counsel for Sheridan Genrich, of Lane Cove, told a workplace relations tribunal that Qantas demoted her after she was threatened by Chinese authorities during a stopover in Beijing.

She said that authorities singled her out from the crew, interrogated her over her beliefs and told her never to come back or there would be “serious consequences”.

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