The Australian Bureau of Statistics released the full set of 2011 census data late last year. I have explored the data and written a number of stories with my colleagues on topics ranging from eduction, housing, dating and the workplace.

Baby boomers who never say die (pay)

Baby boomers Census - Edmund Tadros

Baby boomers Census – Edmund Tadros

While most Australians still retire at 65, there has been a slow but steady increase in those continuing to work full- and part-time. Apart from working, the research shows that 65-74 is the decade of life when people are most likely to volunteer in a community group and care for other people’s children (usually their grandchildren).

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Australian Tax Office data compared to Romney quote

The debate over the “47 per cent” of American adults who Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says don’t pay income tax caused a firestorm across the US this week.

An analysis by The Weekend Financial Review has found that the proportion of Australian adults who don’t pay tax is almost as high, at 45 per cent.

But like the figure cited by Mr Romney, that number is full of caveats and exceptions rather than evidence that half the population are bludgers.

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