The Australian Financial Review’s Politics Explorer allows readers to see the party and margin of each federal House of Representatives seat and work out how the polls might impact this distribution. There are two key parts to the interactive database:

1) The Swing Calculator simulates the change in seats based on different poll outcomes. This is updated as new polling results are added to our interactive polling database.

2) The Electorate Explorer provides an overview of individual seats and the key candidates.

The Swing Calculator simulates the change in seats based on different election outcomes. Source: The Australian Financial Review/Edmund Tadros




I regularly cover the political polls with a view to providing readers with an objective overview of what the different pollsters have found.

We have a database of all the national polls going back several years that I use to provide context to the stories.

This allows me to focus on the long-term trends and provide context to any individual poll finding.

The stories are complemented by our interactive 
Poll of Polls visualisations.

9 Sept, 2014: Coalition behind in polls after a year

The federal government has suffered a sustained and significant loss in its primary and two-party preferred polling after one year in power, with the signals on any possible recovery mixed.

Voters are also unimpressed with the leaders of both main parties, with the dissatisfaction ratings of Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten rising since last year.

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